Rock & Reilly's New York City

Originally the first pub in all of Los Angeles to offer a collection of 45 exclusive hand-selected Irish Whiskeys, Rock & Reilly's provides the largest selection of Irish Whiskey in town.  Having become a renowned bar & pub on the Sunset Strip in LA, Rock & Reilly's has traveled 2,800 miles and made its way to New York City where it has opened at the Renaissance Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.  To assure Rock & Reilly's provides its east coast audience with the same sound distribution from its LA location, our team of designers has facilitated a key digital compass control system with 47 TVs, and supplied Soundtube 600 series speakers with a Lab.gruppen amplifier in 4 zones using a Symetrix Processor.  To maintain its quality bar and pub tradition, our music stylists have curated a playlist consisting of mainly classic rock.  We look forward to our partnership with the iconic Rock & Reilly's, and delivering them with awesome music to continue to uphold their identity.