Vandal is a 360-seat restaurant aimed at global street food-inspired cuisines that opened this past weekend in the Bowery.  Chef Chris Santos of Chopped, has partnered with TAO Group (Tao, Lavo) to create a menu that embraces the best street food from across the globe, from crunchy jicama shell tostadas to spicy Korean rice cakes to Argentinian beef empanadas.  The 22,000 square foot space features a street-art inspired setting to keep with the theme of global street culture.  We are thrilled to be working with Chris Santos while expanding our partnership with TAO Group to provide an amazing soundtrack for this exciting new space.  Our music stylists have created an eclectic mix consisting of electronic, indie and alternative genres that mirror the diversity seen in both the restaurants food and environment.  We are truly excited about the opening of Vandal and look forward to continued growth with the team at TAO Group.