Michael White is at it again with a new restaurant concept, excitingly different from anything he has worked on previously. Internationally known for his soulful interpretations of Italian cuisine, Chef White is changing things up with Vaucluse, which just opened its doors at 100 E. 64. Utilizing his extensive training in Paris and various regions of Southern France, he has created an amazing brasserie-style French restaurant that will become a top dining destination in no time. The New York Times has praised Vaucluse's "well-mannered neutral-toned surroundings and white tablecloths". Right at home on the traditional Upper East Side, Vaucluse seeks to blend this vibe with a European contemporary feel, and we are helping it accomplish that with our playlists that include eclectic mixes of lounge, deep house, indie pop, indie dance and singer-songwriter along with a French influence throughout. Michael White has always appreciated music's role in his restaurants' philosophies - we can't wait to see this one develop into yet another success.