El Media Group Featured in Commercial Integrator

Virgin Hotel Chicago has been such an exciting project for us and it's been an absolute pleasure to be involved with the Virgin brand. CEO Richard Branson's success across so many different industries is absolutely fascinating and is a testament to his passion and devotion to top-notch technology. Branson's team knew the hotel would need a phenomenal sound system to handle multiple versatile areas and span 26 floors. We took on the challenge and Commercial Integrator published an article about our work. In the article, our COO and creative mind Ernie Lake explains, "essentially the goal was to deliver really high quality sound for both background and foreground music, including DJ sets. In terms of the audio processing, we needed to be able to operate three independent zones within the same space, but also combine them into one when required." In addition to the amazing sound system we designed and implemented, Virgin Hotel Chicago is setting a higher standard with features such as free cocktail hours, a sleek mobile app, normal prices for minibar drinks, and a Commons Club space described as "a dynamic hybrid of bar/lounge, laid-back study and restaurant - all with the vibe of a private members club". We are enjoying the hotel's great success and positive reception to the systems we designed and implemented. With Nashville and NYC locations on the horizon, there's lots more to be excited about. 

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