Red Ginger

Menin Hospitality, the South Beach based luxury boutique hospitality management company, is opening Red Ginger. Miami has eagerly awaited Red Ginger's arrival in the South of Fifth neighborhood, a location that will result in a balanced blend of attracting both locals and tourists eating at the restaurant. We are truly excited to be working closely with Menin Hospitality and the management at Red Ginger to help create an amazing musical atmosphere. Our stylists are currently in the curation process and are generating playlists that change the overall vibe in the restaurant from daytime to evening. The morning will feature a mix of funk, rock and slower lounge music, all with a lyrical emphasis. Going into the afternoon, it'll get funkier, brighter and a little more uptempo. In the evening, the atmosphere will be vibrant and exciting with faster beats, 'go-out' music with a hint of pop. We can't wait to see this restaurant come to life, and we're proud to be at the center of creating its sonic experience.