Juice Generation

Our client Juice Generation is opening up three more Manhattan stores and we're excited to announce that we'll be curating the playlists for of them. The locations are FiDi on Maiden Lane, Union Square on 18th St, and E. 64rd/Lexington Ave. Founder Eric Helms began by opening a small juice bar in Hell's Kitchen where he served behind the counter, focusing closely on each of his customer's individual needs and tastes. Now Juice Generation has 15 stores and is a lifestyle movement rooted in healthfulness and natural ingredients. Eric is philanthropically involved in his own community and the global community, supporting a multitude of charity efforts with Juice Generation. He can also be seen on local and national media sharing his advice and expertise on fresh squeezed and cold-pressed juice. For the music, we've put together combinations of indie, alternative indie, alternative rock and old school hip hop to be playing in the stores and creating a vibe that helps bring the spaces to life. Come by and visit the pioneers of the fresh squeezed/cold-pressed juice industry at one of their new spots and hear some of our music choices!