Heyday - A Facial Shop

We’re pleased to announce our relationship with Heyday, a facial-only salon launching in NoMad. The internal aesthetics of the salon are very cool – it’s a prewar apartment turned into a space that feels less like a beauty parlor and more like a trendy co-ed hangout spot. Our music programmer Chris is working on curating the playlist and will continue with its development as Heyday’s success unfolds. Right now it features a fun mix of acoustic, indie folk and downtempo electronic. We also did the whole design of the sound system so the sonic quality will match the quality of salon’s service. Heyday will deliver hassle-free facials that won’t require you to hide your face for the remainder of the day after the job is finished. Having fantastic music while you sit down for a 30 or 50 minute facial makes the whole experience more fun and less of a chore. Stop in and say hi!