Method Hospitality - The Roost and Mulherin & Sons

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Method Hospitality of Philadelphia to design top of the line sound systems for two of their latest projects, The Roost Apartment Hotel and Mulherin & Sons.  The Roost is an extended-stay hotel that opened earlier this year.  The complex consists of 27 furnished apartments that are available for stays of up to a week and longer. Each unit has both a modern and traditional touch, featuring factory-style windows, hardwood floors, full-size kitchens, and marble bathrooms.  Mulherin & Sons has yet to announce their official opening date, however we have been working closely with their team to make certain that our audio design will utilize the acoustics of the space to their maximum sonic potential.  We have enjoyed working with our new friends at Method Hospitality and can only imagine the success they will have with both of these unique hotel concepts.