We are the pioneers of the custom music curation process offering the highest quality custom music service available today. EMG has created music identities and enhanced customer experiences through music for over 1,000 top hospitality brands. We help brands deliver a unique and memorable customer experience through music. We achieve this by using only human curated music. All songs are hand selected by our team of professional music stylists. Our custom music playlists do not use any pre-programmed content and we do not use algorithms for song selection.

  • Once the music is curated and playlists are sequenced, all songs are run through our proprietary music normalization and optimization software to ensure even volume levels, flawless cross-fades and crisp sounding music playback.
  • Each music program is automated to change playlists by day-part such as Breakfast/Morning, Lunch/Afternoon, Dinner/Evening and Weekend Playlists. 
  • All custom music playlists are controlled, played and updated via our proprietary cloud-based streaming system.
  • On-site music is played from our EMG Music Players. All player options are "plug and play" for easy installation. 
  • With our proprietary Web App clients can access "playlist history" to view the song that is currently playing and the past 24 hours of music.
  • Web App allows users to "change playlists" on demand directly from any mobile device.
  • Our service includes all background licensing to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC and all affiliated organizations worldwide.

Please inquire about EMG creating a custom music identity to compliment your customer experience. 

Sample Playlist



Music and social go hand in hand. As curators to the finest brands, we understand the power that music has to market and sell experiences through social music initiatives.

  • Creation and management of branded music playlists on Spotify, Pandora, Songza, iTunes Radio and other streaming music programs. 
  • Continuous support on Facebook and Twitter pages for music playlist social initiative. 
  • Stream playlists directly on client website and all web properties.
  • Client website can include featured playlist of the month, featured DJ's and spotlight artists. 
  • Development and integration of Music Application for restaurants, hotels and retailers. 
  • Music playlists available for customer streaming via Music App.