Since its inception in 2004, El Media Group has established itself as the premier custom music provider and Audio/Video design and installation company for the world’s top hotels, restaurants, and retailers. Co-Founders of El Media Group Josh Katz and Ernie Lake began working together several years earlier when Josh Katz was a record executive and Ernie Lake was a Grammy nominated producer.

Today, El Media Group‘s Music and A/V division has grown to be a major force in the hospitality sector. El Media is responsible for the soundtrack and sound system at the top restaurants and hotels across the world along with major transportation hubs such as John F Kennedy Airport in New York. El Media Group is also the exclusive music partner for South Beach Wine and Food Festival, NYC Wine and Food Festival, and the James Beard Foundation. We strategically place DJs and curated music playlists throughout the festivals and events for these organizations.

With the utmost attention to each brand’s essence and sound, El Media Group crafts high quality sound systems that extend the overall guest experience.